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Pic of the day – Special courage

2014 . 03 . 03

Wow! Appropriate gear, awesome sight seeing. But you can’t buy courage… Congratulations to your courage, workers of the heights…

absban  1278966647-abseiling-window-cleaners_18623

34_2009_10_23_Dutch_Design_week_Eindhoven_052  abseiling-window-cleaning

1278966647-abseiling-window-cleaners_18623  skyscraper-fear-of-heights-dangerous-job-102947054202

thumb  slider1

med_gallery_1357_54_529491  dangerous-jobs-620ds092412

Climber cleaning mirror glass dome building  climbing ropes  Big-Ben-homepage-pic


These guys have reached their unreachable… No doubt. A deep salute to all of you guys that do these things no one else can do.

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Reach thee unreachable!


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