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Pic of the day – UP Equip, Americas’ distributor for Easy Lift

2014 . 07 . 16




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We currently offer the widest range of Atrium compact lifts in North America with 14  models from 40 to 135 feet

We also offer the widest choice of hybrid engine configurations on the market:

  • Honda Gas + electric AC
  • Honda Propane + electric AC
  • Honda Tri-Fuel: Gas + Propane + electric AC
  • Hatz Silenced diesel + electric AC
  • Full electric Lithium Ion battery pack
    Full electric Lithium Ion battery pack + electric AC
  • Honda Quadri-Fuel: Gas + Propane + Lithium Battery + electric AC

Also, with Easy Lift:

  • No computers, printed cards or fancy electronics
  • Widest range of compact tracked spider lift in North America with 12 models from 40 to 116 feet
  • Simple relays, fuses, switches, wires and hydraulics parts and components you will find locally
  • High departure angle of attack to drive unit through any obstacles, exactly where you need to work without headaches
  • Easy to climb obstacles, crosswalks or slopes without always needing ramps
  • Multiple motorization hybrid configurations

Here the link to download the complete catalog :

We also invite you toview our channel  featuring Easy Lift products.

Reach thee unreachable!

UP Equip Logo  The exclusive distributor of Easy Lift series in Americas

Easy Lift Logo  Easy to use, Easy to carry, Easy to repair

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