ALH Conference & Awards shortlisted

ALH Conference & Awards shortlisted

2016 . 08 . 30

UP Equip has been shortlisted for the 2nd consecutive year at the ALH Conference & Awards Ceremony in October in Miami, FL. Click on the logo below for full article.

alh conf awards 2016

The Access Projects of the year for AWP are expressed in the pictures below.


Montreal subway station:

70-36AJ tight subway insertion 7

70-36AJ tight subway insertion


New York Metropolitain Opera:


116-52STJ at NY Met 3


As far as Rising Star category, we simply wish to say a warm thank you all our customers, active members of our community.


Simple Inside™… and recognized.

EASY LIFT logo 10anni-LR collant 2x10 1-844-upequip.ca

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