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We challenge Status Quo

UP Equip is specialized in challenging access solutions. It is strongly embedded in our DNA to find a solution for any given access defiance. We are dedicated to provide customers easy, safe and reliable equipment to access hard-to-reach working areas. We strive to be an important part of our customer’s daily success and overall productivity. Welcome to our Simple Inside™  world.

Mission statement

We, at UP Equip are committed to supply the best customer service and spread usage of the simplest, safest and fairest priced atrium compact tracked lifts.



  • Become the uncontested number one go-to company when working in heights not only present all kind of challenges, but open an infinite window of opportunities.
  • Grow our footprint way beyond North America.
  • Constantly grow the gap between our competitors by sharing truth, knowledge and all required information necessary to make better business decisions to both experts and uneducated customers.



Founded by aerial equipment industry veterans in 2001, the company has gradually transformed to become formally UP Equip in 2009.

Since its early beginning in training and custom made adaptations to existing lifting equipment, UP Equip has evolved in a major player within the atrium compact tracked lifts market. Long perceived like unaffordable and complicated equipment, these incredible machines were given a completely new image and perception by UP Equip. Customer all over North America are now able to simply and safely reach thee unreachable.

For many years, UP Equip has been providing customers niche aerial access equipment, knowledge and expertise for all type of access solutions and technical support for all kinds of aerial work platforms, more specifically big booms and atrium compact tracked lifts.


What we do

UP Equip is specialized in challenging access solutions. We prepare and distribute Easy Lift atrium compact lifts series (tracked & wheeled) in Canada, United States, Mexico and all South America to provide customers a safe and reliable access for hard-to-reach working areas. We strive to be an important part of the daily success and productivity of all our customers. By providing live technical and operational support, UP Equip is highly sensitive to its customer’s challenges and extremely proactive during the pre-delivery inspection and initial preparation of units for North and South American markets.

Our team is composed of highly qualified technicians who’s passion for learning never come to an end. The knowledge and experience we have gathered over time is invaluable. Not only do we understand perfectly how atrium compact tracked spider lifts are built, we know how to help and explain when operational and technical issues arise.

All our actions are ruled by fundamental principles;

  • Integrity: We never sacrifice integrity for profit. We are transparent in all our business dealings.
  • Respect: We provide a safe and healthy environment for our team members. We treat all people with dignity and respect. We value the differences in people’s thinking, backgrounds and are committed to team member’s development. But far more important: We always tell the truth, whether you like it or not.
  • Improvement: We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things, eliminating waste and continually improving. We challenge the status quo everyday.
  • Leadership: We work to serve the needs of our customers, investors and team members. We nurture a culture of “chain of support” versus “chain of command.” We ask what we can do to help.
  • Courage: We have the personal and professional courage to do the right things and take risks that may cause us to win, as well as to fail periodically. We make decisions and take actions. Failure is success when we learn from it.


Quality Policy

Since the beginning, we established a condition that need to prevail for all our actions: “Will I be able to peacefully sleep tonight?” This question have always been, and will always be answered: “Yes, absolutely!” Our customers put their lives in our hands, and that level of trust is sacred. Our actions and decisions are always, and will always be based on this complete confidence that nothing is left to hazard, or luck. All units are inspected as if it was the first time we see them, no compromise and no rush. We much prefer spend too much time than just enough. People give us their trust to climb as high as 139 feet, that doesn’t leave any room for uncertainty.

It is with that condition in mind that we first met all atrium compact tracked spider lifts manufacturers. We were looking for a company committed to customer satisfaction as well as product quality through strong partnerships with their suppliers and distributors. Another important factor was the focus they put on continuous improvement of products and services. We were pleased with Easy Lift unit’s simplicity, yet un-cheatable safety. All units meet the strict safety regulation of ANSI (USA), CE (Europe) and CSA (Canada). The final stability tests are all made accordingly to CSA Standards, the world’s most severe standard of safety and compliance with what we like to call the ‘infamous drop-test’’. Even if your unit will be use outside of Canada, it will be ‘drop-test’ certified.

Internally, UP Equip team constantly improve and refine the quality of its products, services and processes. Management team consistently focus on feedback from customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. We believe listening is one of our greatest quality.


Health & Safety

UP Equip’s goal is to achieve an accident free environment for everyone, and wherever we are present. We are fully committed to achieve, on a daily basis the highest possible standard of Health & Safety through all our team members. These principles are the foundations of a healthy business, from values to actions, all together, always.


Environmental Policy

At UP Equip, protection of the environment is regarded as an important company objective.

Despite the fact that most of our units are sold with hybrid configuration, and despite all our efforts, we know that our activities may end up having an effect on the environment by the nature of our products. Consequently, it is our responsibility to keep adverse effects as minimal as humanly possible. In that regards, we promote environment protection not only in terms of legal requirement, but cultural behaviors.

No wishes, actions;

  • Reduce overall waste volume;
  • Recycle all raw materials, metal, plastic and paper products;
  • Minimize over-packaging of shipped parts and restrict the use of expanded foams;
  • Limit the use of printed cards and controllers who use rare earth metal;
  • Proper disposal of used hazardous waste like oil, solvents and paints residues;
  • Involvement from all UP Equip’s team members in authentic everyday efforts to reduce the environmental footprint and clearly communicate the goals and tracks the results.


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