We are proud to be the one and only importer and
preparator of AlmaCrawler products for Canada from coast to coast.
This page is under construction and will be updated shortly
In the meantime, here are the new North American brochures and a photo gallery showing you the range of performance of AlmaCrawler lifting and material handling equipment


Bi-levelling tracked boom lifts from 40 to 59'.


Bi-levelling scissor lifts from 26 to 33'.

Multiloader Bi-Levelling

Bi-Levelling crawler carrier 3 to 6 tons

Multiloader fixed frame and Rough Terrain

crawler carrier 1.5 to 3 tons standard and rough terrain

AlmaCrawler carrier in action

MultiLoader 3.0 Bi-Levelling underground parking

3.0 BiLevelling at full speeed

The mini 1.5FX

Dolly – Multi Loader 3 0 FX

Multi Frame – Multi Loader 3 0 FX

3.0 FX Rough Terrain

6.0 Bi levelling

MULTI LOADER 6 0BL with Crane

MultiLoader 3.0 Bi Levelling with glass frame

AlmaCrawler BIBI scissor lift in action


BIBi 33

BIBI 26 and 33 controls

AlmaCrawler JIBBI boomlifts in action

JIBBI 40 Bi Levelling boom lift

JIBBI 52 Bi Levelling boom lift

JIBBI 59 PRIMO Full Electric Bi Levelling boom lift

We got your back

Whether you have a single unit on which you depend on a daily basis or a rental fleet of multiple units, we help you get the maximum return on your investment.

Unparalleled support

Comprehensive warranty

Largest inventory

Delivered when you need it

Better Built, Better Warranty

Almac full One Year Warranty Program + Unlimited Hours


If it breaks, we fix it so you can get back to work ASAP: that’s the UPequip promise.
You’ve got the most reliable equipment on the market, and you’ll get support even long after your warranty is over


With AlmaCrawler, you’re part of the family. We’ve got you covered!
UPequip offers 1 full year of warranty on parts and service and additional warranty on Lithium battery pack



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