• 23′ unrestricted horizontal reach

  • NO Computers

  • World’s smallest footprint

  • Super narrow tracked unit 32″

“It is our 2nd unit, we maintain our own machines and our 50-28AJ is the simplest.”

Blanchet Bros, Arbres 4 Saisons, Inc.

Standard Features

  • 50′ working height
  • 23′ unrestricted outreach
  • 32″ total width
  • Full outreach at max basket capacity
  • No computers
  • Unbeatable departure angle
  • Light aluminium detachable  basket
  • External power track
  • Black deep thread rubber tracks
  • Short lenght to fit elevator
  • Proportional live hydraulic controls

Working Area

Options & Accessories

  • Emergency 12V electric pump
  • Automatic self leveling for outriggers
  • Radio remote control
  • Non-marking soft rubber tracks
  • Working lamp on basket
  • 1 or 2 man fiberglass basket
  • Teflon pads kit (4) for stabilizers
  • Outriggers sinking alarm
  • Winter start package
  • Hostile kit
  • And more…
  • Honda gas + Electric (AC motor 110V or 208-240V)

    This is the basic configuration offering both combustion and electric power. Both motors have their own set of pumps and are totally independent from each other. This unit is equipped with Honda GX-390. Aside from an impressive record of reliability, components are available everywhere. The top of line Lafert electric motor, both 110V and 208-240V allow drive and boom operation with no emission and ideal for indoor use.

  • Hatz diesel + Electric

    The EPA Certified air cooled Hatz 1B model provides peace of mind. This extremely tough engine comes in a single block, without any external added components such as fan, alternator and strap. This brings easiness of maintenance, reliability and durability to your combustion power source. The top of line Lafert electric motor, both 110V and 208-240V allow drive and boom operation with no emission.

  • Honda propane + Electric

    Comes equipped with propane converted Honda GX-390, bringing all Honda advantages to you, and allowing indoor use with almost no carbon emission. Also, the Lafert electric motor, 110V and 208-240V allow drive and boom operation with no emission at all. This configuration is made for those with frequent indoor usage.

  • Lithium Ion Battery + Ultra-fast charger

    kaitek logoThis configuration is made for those who primarily work indoors, and in highly regulated environment. Equipped with the electric vehicle range world record holder Kaitek srl lithium ion battery pack, no wires, no combustion and no boundaries. The ultra-fast charger can be powered with either 110V or 208-240V.

  • Tri-fuel: Gas + Propane + Electric

    The Honda GX-390 engine working both with propane and gas will bring all Honda benefits to you, and will allow indoor use with propane with much less carbon emission. When required, the Lafert electric motor, 110V and 208-240V allow drive and boom operation with no emission at all. This multi-hybrid configuration is ideal for frequent indoors operation.

  • Tri-fuel: Lithium + Gas + Electric

    Configured this way, drive and operation are powered by Kaitek Lithium Ion pack, holder of the longest electric vehicle range world record. The Honda GX-390 engine will be used only to recharge the battery.

  • Quadri-fuel: Lithium+ Gas + Propane + Electric

    Configured this way, drive and operation are powered by Kaitek Lithium Ion pack, hoder of the longest electric vehicle range world record. The Honda GX-390 engine working both with propane and gas will bring all Honda benefits to you, and will allow indoor use with propane with much less carbon emission. Its only purpose again is to recharge the battery.

  • Full outreach with maximum basket capacity

    The 50-23AJ offers full horizontal outreach even when basket is at full 507 pounds capacity.

  • video iconLightweight aluminium detachable basket

    The lightweight aluminium basket is movable by one person if required. This feature provides more flexibility when it’s required to insert unit in tight places. Made from 6061T aluminum, it can host multiple accessories. Floor is made of anti-skid plate and a 6 inches toe board.

  • video iconArticulated jib operable at full basket capacity

    The jib is live even at full basket capacity (507 pounds). It offers maximum flexibility for better final positioning to working area and better clearance of obstacles while driving.

  • video iconHydraulic basket rotation

    Key element to refine working position, real hydraulic rotation offers better insertion and final adaptability, it allows optimal working conditions.

  • Travel alarm

    This audible alarm will go as long as unit moves both in combustion or electric mode. With safety standards present and future, this is a great safety asset.

  • Black deep thread rubber tracks

    Major increase in both stability and weight distribution, black deep thread rubber tracks also provides enhanced climbing capability to unit. Made of durable rubber with a steel belt reinforcement, they are built to last.

  • video iconHydraulic variable width carriage

    Designed to easily provide extensive stability to this very narrow unit, the real hydraulic track extension
    system is operated by a toggle switch on remote for more convenience.

  • video iconSmallest outriggers footprint in the world

    The tracks will be lifted nearly 1 foot off the ground, offering maximum stabilization adaptability on any unleveled and leveled surfaces. Ideal for working in height where floor room to setup is extremely tight and restricted.

  • GFI in basket to provide powerAC power to basket

    All units are equipped standard with GFI double outlet, with cable running through the boom.

  • Air or water lineAir/water line to basket

    Standard 3000 psi air/water line also runs from ground to basket through the boom to offer more flexibility and less weight in basket.

  • 40-59 ground et basket controlsLive hydraulic proportional controls

    The LIVE hydraulic levers allow smooth movements both from ground controls and basket controls.

  • video iconManual Emergency descent system

    In case of minor problems or accidents, manual emergency descent pump will get the operator down by doing boom operations, outriggers setup and drive the unit if need be. An electric pump is available in option.

  • Easy Lift spider lifts hour meterHour meter

    To insure increased accuracy of maintenance schedule, the hour meter will be of great help to follow-up on inspections and maintenance.

  • video iconEmergency descent 12V electric pump

    Bringing harm operator or broken basket control to the ground is always possible from base using emergency descent procedure. Electric 12V emergency pump just makes it easier since no manual pumping is required.

  • video iconAutomatic self leveling for outriggers

    With the activation of a single button, unit will level in a perfect way, regardless of the surface. A nice to have option you will consider if moving unit often is required.

  • Ultra-compact remote controlWired remote control

    The remote provides perspective. Driving and operating outriggers is possible from the quick disconnect remote control allowing better view of obstacles and terrain slopes & layouts. It comes standard with a neck strap for more stability, movement precision and safety.

  • video iconRadio remote control

    The wireless remote control will take charge of all movements for drive, outriggers and boom operations from ground and from basket. Also provides the best wireless perspective and flexibility when driving in tight places. Battery charger and extra battery are included. Should battery all die at once, 2 wires will take over once remote will be plugged, both in basket and at base.

  • video iconNon-marking soft rubber tracks

    Never leave black marks anymore on all type of surfaces. Concrete, brick patio, stone, marble, wood, epoxy coating, and on. You will drive on the non-marking tracks with peace of mind and won’t need to bite on your profit to clean afterwards.

  • Multiple colors from RAL color codeSpecial painting

    Choose from over 1 million different colors to personalize your unit to your company’s colors using RAL international standard colors. The powder coat custom colors will be applied before assembly for better protection.

  • sunlight in darkest placesWorking lamp on basket

    For a better view of working area, under any circumstances, this powerful lamp will bring the sun everywhere.

  • 1 man fiberglass basketOne man fiberglass basket

    Very popular with Utility and Tree Care markets, the one man fiberglass basket will bring even more efficiency to whom works often in very tight places and hard-to-reach areas. There is no need to remove it at insertion and its dimensions makes it easy to insert within structure, branches, etc.

  • 2 men fiberglass basketTwo men fiberglass basket

    This 2 men fiberglass basket provides more flexibility as of what tools can be carried up for work. The fiberglass makes insertion in branches as smooth as it can be.

  • Outriggers “sinking” alarm

    The active stability system on all our units cannot prevent ground to collapse under it. As long as outrigger’s pressure is supported from ground, the unit will be able to work even if it is inclined. This system will warn operator that the whole unit is inclined and/or sinking, even if it’s not possible to tell from basket.

  • Easy Lift outrigger padsTeflon pads kit (4) for stabilizers

    The outriggers needs some travel when they lift tracks off the ground. There are a few options available: 16 X 24 or 20 X 40 with or without sliding rails custom made teflon pads are designed to insure best load of each leg as well as best performance overall for operator.

  • Strobe light

    With increasing safety regulations, this small option will soon make a huge difference: be able to go or not on a jobsite. Well worth it.

  • video iconCasters on basket

    Although it is far more convenient to be two men to move a basket, casters will ease your task. No need to carry dolly, just pure efficiency.

  • Winter start package

    Only one 110V AC plug is necessary to warm starter, battery and hydraulic oil tank. For those who’s next project is a garage for equipment, a safe way to put your machine to work in (almost) every weather conditions.

  • Heavy Duty Hostile Kit for ArboristsHostile kit

    Despite all planning and care, accidents unfortunately happen. The 1/4 of an inch heavy duty thick aluminium plates composing the hostile kit will greatly minimize the impacts of such accidents on vital components of the unit: ground lever controls, outrigger switches and cylinders.

  • video iconActive envelope stability management system

    The active stability management system is composed of redundant switches (Telemecanique) on each outrigger and is designed to prevent dangerous movements.

  • Pilot lamps 40-20AJ to 59-30AJEasy to read operational pilot lamps

    For faster and more efficient troubleshooting both from basket and base, the easy to read pilot lamps will quickly tell which condition isn’t met or what the current situation is.

  • Wind safe up to 28 mph (45 km/h)

    The wind factor needs to be considered at all time when working in height. This unit is fully safe under 28 Mph.

  • video iconSmooth and automatic basket leveling

    The hydraulic compensation system will keep basket leveled to the ground all the time without any interaction required from operator. For specific needs and tricky situations, there is a manual override.

  • Lifting points located on top of the outriggersTop mount lifting points

    Given their position, on top of the folded outriggers, the top mount lifting points will not require the use of spreader bars upon lifting. Their position also leave the weight of machine below them, preventing side shifts.

  • 40-59 ground et basket controlsProportional hydraulic joystick controls

    Intuitive real LIVE hydraulic levers offers smooth and safe movements both from base and basket.

  • video iconEmergency descent system

    The standard manual emergency descent system makes every movement possible even when all power sources are out. There is an optional emergency electric pump available.

  • Harness anchor points

    All units are standard equipped with 2 harness anchor points located inside the aluminium basket. Additional anchor points are located on fiberglass basket’s floor.

  • video iconHigh departure angle

    This is defined by how easy will you be able to climb any given obstacle (stairways, slopes, crosswalks, etc.) with limited use of ramps, wood blocks or else. Please click here to view a video explaining departure angle in more details.

  • High speed operational boom

    Lower and upper booms are independently operable, allowing far better insertion strategies.

  • video icon360 degrees turret rotation

    Offering reach almost all around the clock, the 360 degrees turret rotation allow working at multiple working areas from the same stabilization spot.

  • video icon5 feet articulated jib

    The jib is live even at full basket capacity (507 pounds). It offers maximum flexibility for better final positioning to working area. It also can be elevated while driving to allow better clearance of obstacles.

  • video iconEasy access to components

    Minimal covers dismounting is required to access most of main emergency components of unit. Switches are accessible easily and hoses runs outside of the booms allowing inspection and repairs within minutes right on job site.

  • Ultra-compact aluminium basketDetachable basket

    The standard lightweight aluminium detachable basket can be removed in seconds from unit to allow insertion in tight places, doors, gates, etc. Optional casters can be installed on baskets so they can be transport easily. Click here to view an extended video showing how easy it is to dismount basket from unit.

  • Lifting points located on top of the outriggersTop mount lifting points

    On top of being safe due to their location on the machine, top mount lifting points allow to insert unit in even harder-to-reach areas and places with a crane.

  • Anchor pointsTie down anchor points

    Strategically positioned tie down anchor points in back and front of unit will ease all your transport on trailer.

  • video iconHigh tensile steel booms

    All Easy Lift unit’s booms and structural components are made from Swedish highly tensile and flexible Domex SSAB steel. It allow the production of smaller, yet more resistant components.

  • Standard high quality components

    Most of components used in our units are commonly used in industrial mechanic, equipment on the market and available everywhere in North America.

  • video iconExternal power track

    All hoses and harness are routed outside of the boom, protected by heavy duty unbreakable thermos plastic power track and both ends supported aluminum tube at the end of boom. Therefore, all hoses and harness can be inspected and replaced quickly right on job site.

  • video iconTelescope cylinder

    The telescopic boom cylinder is mounted inside of the boom, to offer better protection. You can click here to view a 6 minutes video showing how mounting/dismounting is easy to do.

  • External adjustable wear pads

    Wear pads can be adjusted easily, no shimming required. Most can be replaced without the need to de-booming for extra convenience.

  • greasing points accessible on all pivots for ease of maintenanceGreasable fittings in all pivot points

    All pivot points are easily accessible to prevent jerking, squeaking and insure a smooth pivot articulation.

  • Multiple colors from RAL color codeHigh quality powder coat paint

    Multi-layer powder coat baked paint is applied before parts assembly, offering the same protection everywhere on parts. Customs colors are available in option.


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