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Here you will find answers to some of your questions. If the answer isn’t up to your satisfaction, or not there at all, feel free to fill the form below and we will make sure we answer your question as soon as possible. Further down, you will find testimonials from actual owners of Easy Lift products.

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The incredible simplicity of Easy Lift units will be your greatest asset in the long run. As any machine, it will eventually break down and need replacement parts. Hose will tear, harness will be ripped, switches life will come to an end. How easily you will find replacement parts will make a great difference on your productivity. We stock all components and parts but some will be available locally.


I’m from U.S.A. How is it really to buy from Canada?

Simple and easy. Since 1994, the NAFTA Agreement came into force. The very purpose of this treaty was to open and liberalize trade between Canada, United States and Mexico. All goods are since then free to move on both sides of the Border. Since October 2018, a new treaty came to place, but conditions remained unchanged so units are delivered to your door without any problems, complications or extra charges. You don’t even have a single document to fill…


Where can I find the addresses of your affiliate service centers?

Since over 95% of all reported problems are solved over the phone with owners / users, chances are you will not need a service center at all. We want to minimize your downtime, and want to have the opportunity to solve matters right from the start so we handle your request directly. If repairs become increasingly complex, or beyond your level of comfort, we will make arrangements for you to get your issue resolved with the help of a 3rd party. It is our duty as well as our promise to make the process simple for you.


Can I work an Easy Lift in harsh winter conditions?

Remember, we’re from Canada, HEY? If something can work here, it WILL work everywhere! All units are built and tested for real, in OUR conditions. UP Equip’s main facility is based in Vercheres, near Montreal, Canada. Here in the amplitude of temperature is more than 125 F (70 Celsius) from the warmest month of July to the deep crispy month of February.

Our compact lifts do work in cold conditions simply because most of our compact models and lower ones don’t use same components other brands on the market: length / angle sensors, controllers, LCD screens and computing and data chunking devices (no, not the spinning hard drives type). You won’t have to waste time warming up any frozen printed card or else because, WE DON’T USE ANY! Imagine the ton of opportunities potentially lost during an ice storm because your lift is also frozen? Not anymore.

For arctic cold conditions, we also have available in option a winter kit that can be installed on your unit. Bottom line: You need a unit in Alaska? We’ll get you one, and it will work!


How about electronics?

Electric, yes. Not too much electronic components, only the ones to get you off safely at the incredible lateral outreach. Electric implies simple logic circuits composed of wires, relays, fuses, switches and voltage, that’s it. No headaches caused by fancy electronic components such LCD Screens or on-board cards or data processing devices. Think about your new car’s electronic system. Oh yes, it is fine, until it fails. Then what does dealer need to do to know what’s wrong? Plug it…

All Easy Lift units also make a limited usage of “plug and play” connectors such as quick-connect harness simply to avoid potential corrosion and loose terminals over time. Some of the smaller units do not have a single one. The most equipped units will have 1 or 2 maximum.


Are your lifts safe?

The entire Easy Lift series, from the ultra-compact 40-20AJ to the large 139-52STJ are CSA, RE, RU and ANSI Certified. Period.

  • What does that mean?

It means all our compact tracked and wheeled lifts have successfully met the standards that makes a piece of equipment safe for operators. It also means they’ve all gone through the Drop Test, mandatory to get the CSA Certification.

  • What’s a drop test?

The drop test is a mandatory condition to get any boom lift approved for usage on Canadian territory. It consist of a simulation of what will happen to the structure of the boom if someone is ejected from the basket when placed at its worst possible position. By worst position, it means when outreach limit is reached and machine declares itself in “instability”. There’s a suspended weight 3 feet over the end of basket that is instantly dropped at the end of a 4 feet fall arrest leach. Pretty violent test but really impressive. Some brands have failed this test numerous time and are not yet sold in Canada for that reason.
Wherever you are, from USA to Canada or somewhere else, all our units have passed this infamous test without failure. That’s YOUR ultimate warranty of how strong structure is on our Easy Lift series.


What type of engine is used?

We use Honda manufactured engines for gas powered and Hatz for diesel powered units.

Honda Engines offer the benefits of a legendary record of liability and a worldwide presence. With spare parts available everywhere in Americas, you will find what you need quickly. That means repairs done right on job-site, with minimal loss of productivity. Further more, Honda warranty engines for a full year and regardless of hours, parts and service. Also available from Honda, a propane engine that can replace the traditional gas engine.

Hatz Engines are the best fit for the overall compactness you are looking for with a compact tracked lift. Air cooled, without any external components like water pump, fan, alternator and straps. All components that requires space removed from the machine. The Hatz single block engine requires very little maintenance to run for a lifetime. Extremely popular in compaction, these engines are built to work hard. They are also covered for 2 full years by Hatz, unlimited hours.

Kubota Engine EPA Tier 4 Certified with real 12V provides peace of mind. These extremely tough and quiet engines offers Tree Vortex Combustion System for better emission and lower fuel consumption.


Can I use this lift in electric mode?

All Easy Lift units are hybrids. That means it can work either on combustion or electric power. For some brands, having electric power is an option. Not with us. You will be able to work on either mode, depending on the situation or customer expectations. We use the top of line Lafert electric motors to work indoors with no emissions. Two options are available: 110V or 208-240V electric motor.

A third option can also be installed, on the same unit: the Lithium Ion Battery Pack with ultra fast charger from Kaitec Power Solutions, in Italy, current holder of world record for longer range for a fully electric vehicle. Work unplugged wherever you need, indoors or outdoors.


Can I access hoses/harness/components easily?

Hoses and harnesses mainly runs outside of the boom, making it very easy to inspect, clean and repair. They are protected all the way through, with aluminium tubes, metal covers and unbreakable thermo-plastic power tracks. What that means for you is that any hydraulic service company will be able to change or repair any hose right on job-site. All hoses are Standard North American hydraulic hoses with 2 and 3 wires braid and all fittings are standard, not metric. No need to dismantle the whole boom! Again, no loss of productivity or time. All electrically controlled hydraulic valves have a LED pilot lamp built-in to confirm when oil go through. Consequently, diagnosis is much easier.


What if I try to push the lift beyond it’s limits?

That will be a waste of your time. Our unique active envelope management stability system use a simple mechanism and redundant common limit switches. Built-in each outrigger and pre-calibrated so you don’t have to worry about that. The whole system is controlled by standard automotive relays who will disable potentially threatening movements.


How smooth are movements?

All our units use simple intuitive real live hydraulic joysticks who will react upon operator’s sensitivity. Compact and large units have standard Penny & Giles in basket to insure smooth and precise movements to operators.


Are these lifts bouncy?

All units are wind safe up to 28 mph (45 km/h). Made of top quality DOMEX steel, an extremely strong Sweden steel, the booms and components are 100% laser cut and welded in Italy, on precision jigs by professional and experimented CNC programmers and certified welders.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here (TreeBuzz Post), but I felt compelled to share my experience with the folks @ UP Equipment. While I haven’t bought a significant number of brand new pieces of machinery, I have had years of experience trying to work with manufacturers to dial out the bugs and difficulties with heavy machinery. Point being, I have something to compare with. When you’re truly ready to pull the trigger on a compact lift, I feel you owe it to yourself to give UP Equip a call. Their communication and support has been top notch from the very beginning.

I first spoke with Alain Paré. If I understand his position, he primarily handles sales, although he has gone out of his way to help me whenever I’ve reached out. I’m getting used to bypassing him and contacting other point people within the company, and they have all presented the same positive and helpful attitude. These people would include Martin and Remi. Remi handles tech support, and his guidance has been priceless. He is timely and methodical, making diagnosis and repair in the field feel like a breeze.

All that said, I don’t want to convey the notion that I’ve spent hours broken down, wondering how I’ll finish the day. The problems I’ve had with the machine have all been minor and easy to fix. It can feel daunting when something isn’t working and you have no idea how to even diagnose. With the support of UP Equip, I’ve handled every single issue within an hour of reaching out to being back in action. I’ve assembled a small tool kit, consisting of 5mm & 6mm Allen Wrenches, a 19mm GearWrench, a Grease Fitting, a Test Light, and small Micrometer. My lunch bag is bigger than this tool kit.

Most importantly, I can work with confidence that the dealer support is behind me 100%, and their motto, “Simple Inside”, holds true to the last letter. If you saw the 87-48AJ on display @ Expo last year, you saw my personal machine just days prior to delivery. This machine has made my work with stone dead and crumbling trees in tight locations possible. UP Equip will be at Expo this year as well, and I truly feel they deserve a visit if you’re in the market for a machine.

Thanks for everything, UP Equip !!!

Eric Whipple (aka oceans on TBuzz)
Whipple Tree Service
Westport, MA

Alain,  I am your biggest fan!!  I am so happy with my EasyLift, it is easy to tell potential buyers of the lift’s advantages because truthfully, there are many. We initially bought the unit to avoid having to climb so many trees. Now we use our EasyLift everyday and our two other bucket trucks sit most of the week collecting dust. We have climbed and set up on steep hills and regularly drive through soft and wet ground conditions. I enjoy pushing our lift to its limits and getting in and out of areas that shouldn’t be entered like saturated drainage ditches. Our EasyLift 70-36AJ continues to exceed our expectations.

Kevin Hardy
Cutting Edge Tree Services
Mason City, IA

I got my Easy Lift June 1st, 2015 and since that time, we have put about 300 hours on it and the only troubles we had were caused by operator errors. I’m not a good climber and at 47, I’m not interested in trying to become one. The Easy Lift gets me into jobs that I would never have been able to do. The controls are very intuitive, the Hatz diesel runs great and only burns about a tank and a half per day. All in all it’s an awesome machine and it would be very hard to give it up now that I have gotten used to having it. I’m glad I made the investment and I would do it again without question. Thanks for a great machine.

Brent Ackley
Ackley Tree Service LLC
Baldwin, WI

After 2 full seasons with the Easy Lift, it has performed as expected and flawlessly. Takes the wear and tear from your body compared to climbing every day. Has been the perfect addition to my company.

Devon Hutton (aka Deevo on TBuzz)
Sugrabush Tree Service
Coldwater, ON

Our Easy Lift has been a savior! Particularly in the large wide canopy of tropical trees where anchor points are rare. Also last year, after the passage of 2 hurricanes within a week, the lift was absolutely invaluable in storm recovery works.

Martin Brown
Brown and Company Ltd
St-George’s, Bermuda

Our new Easy Lift provides us the ability to quickly and easily access areas that previously required engineered scaffolding to reach. We love the flexibility that the lift affords us to reach over and around areas that we need to safely access for maintenance purposes.

Michael Brady
Gateway Church
Southlake, Texas

When we purchased the unit, we anticipated arborists and window cleaners customers but the Easy Lift 70-36AJ has opened us up to a whole new market of industrial customers who have kept the unit out almost constantly. Looking forward to purchasing the next machine.

Richard Durocher
Select Equipment Rentals
Edmonton, AB

Generally, I am anything other than quotable, but I did want to express my happiness with my Easy Lift 61-36A. After being introduced to UP Equip and Easy Lift brand, I studied competing lifts for several months and then chose the 61-36A. After now over 15 months and many jobs, I know I made the right choice. My lift is getting me contracts that would not have been possible prior to having an Easy Lift. Clients and fellow arborists are impressed with the machine as well. Thank you (MERCI!) to Easy Lift and UP Equip.

Mike Talaska
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Life is good with a spider lift. If you don’t have this, you don’t have sh..t!

Doug Denson
Largo, Florida

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