I'm Simple Inside too RULES

For the whole month of November 2018, join us for the

I’m Simple Inside too!

The even will be launched at the opening of the TCI Expo in Charlotte NC during the first week of November. It doesn’t matter if you are attending the show or not, YOU can benefit of the special until November 30, 2018.

General Conditions

  • $2,000 Off retail price for ALL Easy Lift models. Build your own unit, add options and in the end, we will remove $2,000 off the total.
  • 3 years maintenance kit includes everything you need to do the maintenance on your lift except the oil: Hydraulic filters, air filters, fuel filters are included upon delivery and will cover 1,500 hours of utilization, which represents generally 3 years at 500 hours per year.
  • Free Non-marking Tracks on any model! This option is so underestimate it can be the difference between profit and loss at the end of the day. 3 times do you need to scrub black marks off any type of surface generally see this option paid out.
  • Free Delivery for Continental USA (except Porto Rico, Alaska and Hawai) Delivery of units is included in the deal! All papers will be handled by UP Equip and you will not have a single form to fill!
  • Taxes FREE for all models! (For USA customers only)