Parts & Service

Whether you have a single unit on which you depend on a daily basis or a rental fleet of multiple units, UP Equip helps you to get the maximum return on your investment. Our Simple Inside™ parts and service teams are ready to assist you in keeping your equipment in good shape or help you to bring it back working as soon as possible. Get the answers you need on the most current technical advise, the parts you need, training tips and product/service information to keep your equipment running properly and for a long time.

We will be there for you and will help. A good way to start is by filling the forms to request parts or service. You can also call us anytime toll free: 1-844-873-7847

Simple Inside™ – Parts

UP Equip’s parts list are simple to read and shows clear pictures of all components of your unit. You will be required to provide part (s) number (s) and quantity to complete your work / stock for future usage. Our parts representative will assist you to find the right parts and will have them sent by overnight courier everywhere on the continent if required.

We have the largest parts inventory available in North America for tracked atrium lifts. Our Just-in-Time management system insure to handle all orders in a timely manner, with the best filling rate.

Here a few examples of available parts among our massive inventory:

  • Maintenance kit for each model
  • Hydraulic valves and activators
  • Electrical switches and stop buttons
  • Joysticks
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Baskets of all kinds / hardware & components
  • Remote controls assembly / separate components
  • Safety decals
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Rubber tracks
  • Hardware and body components
  • and much much more…

Simple Inside™ – Service

As our units are Simple Inside™ , most problems will be solved over the phone and our phones are always open. Despite all your care and will for things to go well, you will eventually need some parts and technical advise, or be in need of troubleshooting to get yourself back on tracks.

Get direct access to our experimented technical representatives who will guide you step by step to troubleshoot any operational or technical issue or concern. Our printed and digital manuals will cover all aspects of maintenance and troubleshooting but if required, our tech team will travel anywhere to repair, service and assist you with your maintenance and technical needs.

Our service team provides:

  • On-Site / In-Shop annual inspection services
  • Emergency support for down equipment
  • Technical expertise for hard downs on your shop
  • Heavy repairs to factory standards
  • Assistance and advise on preventive maintenance

Simple Inside™ – Service partners

If your unit is in need of more specialized repairs or tricky job for any reason, we will make arrangements with one of our service partners. Our network offers various levels of services:

  • On-Site / In-Shop annual inspection services
  • Hydraulic oriented workshops / road services
  • Electrical specialists
  • Structural repairs and major overall

You expect premium equipment from UP Equip, we expect nothing less from our service and support network. Our team of knowledgeable technicians, trainers and customer solution representatives deliver the highest quality service and information required for you or our network to perform the required job on your unit. We partner with you and our service network so you can be productive with increased up-time, enhance performance and provide support for all your needs.

Simple Inside™ – Warranty


We deeply believe Easy Lift series are the best and most productive compact lifts in the market and we adapt them so they are even more durable and reliable.

With all the hard work you or your customers will do with your unit, someone will break it, or it will break by itself. It will happen one way or another. Rest assured that no matter how, what or when such thing will happen, we will find a way to solve your problem so you can get back working asap. This promise also applies for units no longer covered by warranty. When you buy an Easy Lift, you’re part of the family and we’ll have your back covered.

We are so confident with the quality of our compact tracked lifts that we offer 1 full year of warranty on parts and service + 3 years on structural components UNLIMITED HOURS

As you already know from your own experience, equipment and vehicles always tend to break once warranty period is over or max mileage is reached. A warranty without regards to hour meter assures you of an exceptional quality product, and lots of confidence on it by Easy Lift and UP Equip. Our structural warranty is 50% longer than our competitors. This is another pledge of our confidence in the durability of our equipment. We would not offer such coverage if we had any doubts about what we offer.

Simple Inside™ Training

Who can provide better training on the units than the ones that build them? Nobody. How will this improve the productivity of your workers / customers on the unit? Immensely! In fact, lack of training is what’s going to be the cause of 95% of downtime with units. Troubleshooting records shows that over 75% of all incoming calls could have been prevented if there was adequate training provided prior to using unit. Training is key!

Either live, on video or virtually, wherever you are, UP Equip’s team will train your team to operate, sell, maintain and repair your Easy Lift unit. Don’t hesitate to get yourself or your crew trained. It pays.

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