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Think outside the Box!


If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. If you keep on filling the CapEx with the same old products, you will keep on fighting on same known grounds against competition.



and offer what no one offers: Easy Lift compact spider lifts and Hoeflon compact cranes


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Easy Lift series of spider lifts ranging from 40’ to 140’, BEST WARRANTY of the industry, featuring the newest model: 101-48AJ: 36” width; 101’ w. height; 48’ Outreach (with 265lbs); 9,400lbs overall weight and 22’ long. What makes it unique: extra-long reach of 48 feet with 265lbs in basket and the overall width of 36 inches. This is the ultimate rental tool before the straight standard booms. Simple Inside™


The Hoeflon mini cranes all fit thru a standard single door. Offered in combustion and electric mode. Models C1, C4, C6 and C10 will lift up to 8810lbs to a maximum height of 72 feet. Hydraulic jib allow up-and-over capability with 2 telescopic sections and 210° of articulation. Searcher hook, hydraulic winch, or vacuum lifting device can be used in both articulated mode and straight boom configuration. All standard with 100 % Hoeflon made wireless remote.

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