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Atrium compact tracked lifts

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Mobile, light, compact, easy to operate, our fleet of versatile Easy Lift atrium compact tracked spider lifts will increase your productivity, and your profits. Indoors in electric mode, outdoors on combustion mode, through doors, gates, alleys, fragile surfaces, our units will get you UP where you need to work. Long term, short term, don’t hesitate to say YES to your next challenging job!

Rent a compact tracked lift

Big Booms

Ranging from 120 to 180 feet, our fleet of Big Booms is an essential complement to our customer’s own fleet. The Rental Houses complete their offering with confidence when they use our Genie, JLG or Snorkel. We also have a completely adapted Big Boom for the entertainment industry, a huge time saver for this quick pace business.

Re-rent a Big Boom

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