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Testimonials from the field

I am your biggest fan!!  I am so happy with my Easy Lift, it is easy to tell potential buyers of the lift’s advantages because truthfully, there are many. We initially bought the unit to avoid having to climb so many trees. Now we use our Easy Lift everyday and our two other bucket trucks sit most of the week collecting dust. We have climbed and set up on steep hills and regularly drive through soft and wet ground conditions. I enjoy pushing our lift to its limits and getting in and out of areas that shouldn’t be entered like saturated drainage ditches. Our Easy Lift 70-36AJ continues to exceed our expectations.

– Kevin Hardy, Cutting Edge Tree Service


I got my Easy Lift June 1st, 2015 and since that time, we have put about 1 800 hours on it and the only troubles we had were caused by operator errors. I’m not a good climber and at 51, I’m not interested in trying to become one. The Easy Lift gets me into jobs that I would never have been able to do. The controls are very intuitive, the Hatz diesel runs great and only burns a tank per day. All in all it’s an awesome machine and it would be very hard to give it up now that I have gotten used to having it. I’m glad I made the investment and I would do it again without question. Thanks for a great machine.

– Brent Ackley, Ackley Tree Care


After 5 full seasons with the Easy Lift, it has performed as expected and flawlessly. Takes the wear and tear from your body compared to climbing every day. Has been the perfect addition to my company.

– Devon Hutton, Sugarbush Tree Service

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