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61-36A with Arborist Package

THE ultimate question: HOW MUCH?

MERCI for being this far. By building your own unit, we don’t mean to start welding bare metal, build it from scratch and get everything in motion as soon as you’re done filling the form. Building your own is a unique and exclusive way for you to choose each option you want and tailor your future Easy Lift Reliable Business Partner specifically for your needs. The cost will reflect your choices and needs, nothing more, nothing less. A personalized quote will be sent to you by email shortly after you’ve hit submit down below. This is the most important step in the journey to join the Simple Inside™ Community.


All units are delivered with:

  • Movement alarm
  • Operation, maintenance and parts manuals
  • Operation, maintenance and parts USB Flash Drive
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Easy Lift 1 – 2 – 3 Warranty program

Standard features

Motor configurations

Standard configuration

  • The EPA Certified air cooled Hatz 1B50 model provides peace of mind. This extremely tough engine comes in a single block, without any external added components such as fan, alternator and strap. This brings easiness of maintenance, reliability and durability to your combustion power source. The 110V AC electric motor allow drive and boom operation with no CO2 emission.

Optional configuration

  • Keep the standard configuration


Standard features

Additional options


Standard features

Additional options


Standard features

Additional options

Other Options

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Skyrocket 2022

Happy New Year Promotion

Get up to $6,000 off the Easy Lift unit you've been dreaming of.

101-48AJ with WINCH

Designed for small crane use

Easy Lift 101-48AJ with WINCH. The same benefits of standard unit with more!

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Lansing MI

The Michigan’s section of the ISA annual gathering. We'll make it in 2022.

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