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Since 2011, we have been perfecting our units to adapt them to specific markets. The Tree Care industry has been by far the most responsive, but also the most imaginative by testifying and by sharing their wishes. A big thank you to all of our owners.

The Reliable Arborist Partners series we offer today has been improved, modified and tested by arborists, for arborists.

Arborists in action

Popular tree care compact lifts

87-48AJ with Arborist Package
  • 87′ working height
  • 48′ horizontal outreach (265lbs)
  • 35″ total width
  • 8,300lbs overall weight
  • Hydraulic variable width carriage
  • Extra-long black rubber tracks
101-48AJ with Arborist Package
  • 101′ working height
  • 48′ horizontal outreach (265lbs)
  • 42' horizontal outreach (510lbs)
  • 35″ total width
  • 9 600 lbs overall weight
  • 15' 1" X 19' 0" standard footprint
101-48AJ WINCH
  • All the great features of the 101-48AJ
  • Hydraulic quick connect for winch
  • Twist plug for basket / winch connect
  • Release valves to prevent winch overload
  • 93' hook height with single line winch
  • 48′ horizontal outreach (265lbs)
70-36AJ with Arborist Package
  • 70′ working height
  • 36′ horizontal outreach
  • 34.5″ total width
  • 6,613lbs overall weight
  • Multiple position long travel outriggers
  • Unbeatable departure angle
61-36A with Arborist Package
  • 61′ working height
  • 36′ horizontal outreach
  • Self-levelling outriggers
  • Multiple positions swing-out outriggers
  • LIVE Hydraulic from basket & ground

Popular tree care mini-cranes

Hoeflon C10
  • 72′ lift height
  • 65′ outreach
  • 8,810lbs capacity
  • 31.5″ total width
Hoeflon C6
  • 52′ lift height
  • 45′ outreach
  • 6,940lbs capacity
  • 29.5″ total width
  • 6,170lbs overall weight
  • 9' overall stowed length
Hoeflon C1
  • 16′ lift height
  • 13′ outreach
  • 1,380lbs max lifting capacity
  • 29.5″ min width - 42" max
  • Wireless remote with LCD display
  • 1500lbs operational weight

Let’s set the record straight: none of the actual compact lifts were specifically designed for tree care (or any other specific market) aside of some prototypes and utility products.

They are designed for those who need to work safely at height in restricted areas. All adjustments, additions and adaptations we made on Easy Lift units over the years came from genuine user’s constructive comments and feedback.

  • HD protection for outriggers cylinders
  • HD Protection for outriggers switches
  • LIVE hydraulic ground controls & lockable cover
  • 1-man fiberglass basket w Easy Entry side opening
  • BBQ style ergonomic lid hinged cover basket controls
  • Anti abrasive wrapping over hoses & harness


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Without a doubt purchasing a lift from UPequip was one of the most lucrative purchases in my career . As a 20 year tree climbing veteran it was a nice break up in the daily grind to not have to climb everything all the time. I love climbing but you simply cannot beat the production due to access and capabilities of the compact telescopic boom lift. It goes places and does things that have diversified my business and definitely increased income. The support from UPequip is second to none. They walk you through any issues with a phone call mostly, if on a rare occasion they occur. I love my easy lift and will purchase another as soon as possible.

Aaron Cipolletti, Cipolletti Tree Service – NJ

Google Review

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I felt compelled to share my experience with the folks @ UP Equipment. While I haven’t bought a significant number of brand new pieces of machinery, I have had years of experience trying to work with manufacturers to dial out the bugs and difficulties with heavy machinery. Point being, I have something to compare with. When you’re truly ready to pull the trigger on a compact lift, I feel you owe it to yourself to give UP Equip a call. Their communication and support has been top notch from the very beginning. I first spoke with Alain Paré. If I understand his position, he primarily handles sales, although he has gone out of his way to help me whenever I’ve reached out. I’m getting used to bypassing him and contacting other point people within the company, and they have all presented the same positive and helpful attitude. These people would include Martin and Remi. Remi handles tech support, and his guidance has been priceless. He is timely and methodical, making diagnosis and repair in the field feel like a breeze. All that said, I don’t want to convey the notion that I’ve spent hours broken down, wondering how I’ll finish the day. The problems I’ve had with the machine have all been minor and easy to fix. It can feel daunting when something isn’t working and you have no idea how to even diagnose. With the support of UP Equip, I’ve handled every single issue within an hour of reaching out to being back in action. I’ve assembled a small tool kit, consisting of 5mm & 6mm Allen Wrenches, a 19mm GearWrench, a Grease Fitting, a Test Light, and small Micrometer. My lunch bag is bigger than this tool kit. Most importantly, I can work with confidence that the dealer support is behind me 100%, and their motto, “Simple Inside”, holds true to the last letter. If you saw the 87-48AJ on display @ Expo last year, you saw my personal machine just days prior to delivery. This machine has made my work with stone dead and crumbling trees in tight locations possible. UP Equip will be at Expo this year as well, and I truly feel they deserve a visit if you’re in the market for a machine. Thanks for everything, @UP Equip !!! Owner of 1 x Easy lift Owner of 1 x Hoeflon C10 mini-crane

Eric Whipple, Whipple Trees - RI

TreeBuzz review

As a customer from the US, I was a little apprehensive about buying equipment from a vendor in Canada for when repairs/maintenance issues arose, but UPequip has been very helpful and prompt in answering any questions we've had regarding our lift. Their customer service is excellent and they have always made getting my equipment back up and running a priority.

Matt Maibach, Maibach Tree Service - OH

Google Review

UpEquip has been valuable asset to our business. As an equipment rental company, our 70-36A spider lift was a phenomenal addition to our fleet. Alain was incredibly helpful during the buying process, and we know their service department is a quick phone call away should we need any assistance. Highly recommend!

Chris Fey, Shaugnessy Rentals - MA

Google Review

I purchase a 61-36A machine a couple of years ago. Overall, I’m very happy with the machine and extremely happy with the service I’ve received from UPEquip. The machine suits my needs very well and have had few problems. I have had a few issues with electrical problems.. The AC/DC converter went bad twice but UPEquip was always a phone call away to get me out of a jam. I would highly recommend buying one of there machines and the follow up service is PRICELESS

Greg Jones, CedarClean - ON

Google Review

I purchased an EasyLift 87-48AJ from Up Equipment in March of 2020. It has done an excellent job for us, more than doubling production on any job requiring a climber. In fact, I no longer employ a climber. If I cannot get the EasyLift close enough to a tree on a prospective job, I simply don't bid on that job. During the past 8 months, I have only turned down one job!! The lift will go easily into back yards completely inaccessible to a bucket truck, and yet is very sturdy when set up and operating. My lift operator , who has operated several brands of lifts, comments often on how smooth and sturdy it feels. It is simple to maintain, and Up Equipment has been very helpful in diagnosing and correcting the few minor problems that we have experienced with it. I expect many more years of productive service from it.

Jed. Wilbourn, Wood Movers - AL

Google Review

We purchased a unit, very reasonable price, units are simple strong and dependable. We have work to do ! and didn't need a unit with all the gizmo's. Very smooth purchase and delivery process. Down to earth folks at UPequip they do everything they say they will do for you. Speaking with UPequip you can tell how dedicated the company is about their spider lift equipment. UPequip has always professionally responded. Highly recommended !!

Wisconsin Property Services LLC - WI

Google Review

To the tree guys out there I recommend the more robust 87-48 aj than the smaller units. Beats competitors units head to head on specs. Always someone available if you have questions. Extend the life of your old climber or keep employees out of danger in structurally compromised trees. Can access almost anything. These units are evolving and will become a game changer for the arborist community. Spend the money and get ahead of your competitors.

Mark Dalton, PC Arbor Care - FL

Google Review

We purchased the 70-36AJ this past winter. We looked around and end up pulling the trigger on the Easy Lift for various reasons. We do lots of work in natural tree stands, along ravine pathways and areas where our Bucket trucks can not access and on trees where our Arborists should not be climbing. The access this allows and the versatility has given us a edge on competitors in our market for these kinds of jobs. We have been very pleased so far with the lift and have had no issues. Drives nice, fits into backyards easily etc. Great purchase.

Trevor Flexhaug, Canadian Tree Care - ON

Google Review

I Received my 70-36AJ in September of 2016 to use in those hard to reach places and since I had this truck built it has become my main every day lift because it's so easy to move and setup anywhere. The fact that it is completely controlled by switches and relays "absolutely no computer inside" I have been able to diagnose and repair anything myself, but help is just a phone call away when you need it. I included a good photo of a setup we couldn't do with our truck. I have dozens of photo's of strange places this machine has been setup in. We love ours. We do a lot less creative and complicated roping now that we can always reach our work.

Matt Swearingen, Matt's Tree Service - SD

Google Review

Hey guys. I just wanted to say thank you for all your fast and professional help. Additionally, I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our second 87' lift. I was in the lift for 9 hours yesterday, on a large job removing hazardous ash trees, while working until dark, and the temperature was a high of 10 F. The new lift is such a difference maker. Thanks again, and hope you're all doing well! (Purchased 2 units)

Bill Haessig, H & H Arborists -WI

Google Review

5+ Stars for UP Equip. We purchased a 101-48AJ in the summer of 2019 and couldn't be happier. The EZ Lift is just that, EZ to use and operate and fix as well. We haven't had any big problems at all with it. When we do have questions UP Equip is quick to respond and help. They are available during off hours as well. Parts arrive promptly and are not outrageously expensive. We have used other brands of lifts that are problematic and break down frequently causing down time. That is NOT the case with the EZ Lift. The customer service and communication are excellent. Our tree crews love working with the 101-48AJ so much that we purchased another EZ lift in the fall of 2020. We are getting the 87-48AJ. Our operators find the EZ Lifts simple to operate. They are intuitive and not complicated like other lifts we have owned. EZ Lift is the ONLY lift we will use moving forward. Look no further, the EZ Lifts are the BEST around. Don't delay, if you need a lift order yours today it will make a huge difference with your productivity! Owner of 2 units

Debra Lein, Affordable Tree Care - WI

UPEquip’s Facebook page recommendation

Photo of Easy Lift 101-48AJ folded

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