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Our rental units will have an immediate effect not only on productivity and profits, but also on the aesthetics of your work site; no more scaffolding! Our equipment will bring you where work awaits you.

Compact Tracked Lifts & Cranes rental

  • 77' working height
  • 40' unrestricted outreach
  • 38" total width
  • 7,165lbs overall weight
  • Wireless remote control
  • Multiple position outriggers
  • 101′ working height
  • 48′ horizontal outreach (265lbs)
  • 42' horizontal outreach (510lbs)
  • 35″ total width
  • 15' 1" X 19' 0" standard footprint
  • 9,600lbs overall weight
  • 70′ working height
  • 36′ horizontal outreach
  • 34.5″ total width
  • 11' 6" X 11' 6" standard footprint
  • 6,613lbs overall weight
  • 19' 2" overall stowed length
Hoeflon C6
  • 52′ lift height
  • 45′ outreach
  • 6,940lbs capacity
  • 29.5″ total width
  • 6,170lbs overall weight
  • 9' overall stowed length
  • 59′ working height
  • 30′ horizontal outreach
  • 32.5″ total width
  • 10' X 10' standard footprint
  • 4,850lbs overall weight
  • 16' 7" overall stowed length
  • 116′ working height
  • 52′ horizontal outreach
  • 55″ total width
  • 17' X 17' standard footprint
  • 14,330lbs overall weight
  • 23' 6" overall stowed length
  • 100′ working height
  • 47′ horizontal outreach
  • 55″ total width
  • 12' 6" X 12' 6" standard footprint
  • 13,227lbs overall weight
  • 22' overall stowed length
  • 139′ working height
  • 52′ horizontal outreach
  • 55″ total width
  • 24' 11" X 17' standard footprint
  • 18,734lbs overall weight
  • 26' 4" overall stowed length

Big Booms rental

Genie S125
  • 126′ working height
  • 80′ horizontal outreach
  • 500lbs capacity in basket
  • 5' Articulated Jib
  • 44 350lbs overall weight
  • 43' overall stowed length
  • 135′ working height
  • 80′ horizontal outreach
  • 500-1000lbs capacity in basket
  • 8' Jib - 180° Hor & 130° Vert motion
  • 45 000lbs overall weight
  • 49' overall stowed length
Genie Z-135/70
  • 141′ working height
  • 70′ horizontal outreach
  • 600lbs capacity in basket
  • 5' Articulated Jib
  • 44 900lbs overall weight
  • 43' overall stowed length
  • 125′ working height
  • 63′ horizontal outreach
  • 500-1000lbs capacity in basket
  • 8' Jib - 125° Hor & 130° Vert motion
  • 44 000lbs overall weight
  • 48' overall stowed length

The Rental Process

We’re here to provide you with help, answers, advice and tips for choosing the best equipment for your needs.

If you don’t have an active account with us, the following will be required in order to rent equipment:

Account Opening Form

If it’s your first time renting a unit from us, we need to know you better and create an account.

Complete the form

Credit card Authorization Form

For the first rental, we will ask for a credit card payment before we deliver.

Certificate of Insurance

You are responsible to insure the unit. Here is an example of the required coverage.


Rental FAQ

Are Easy Lift units safe?

All our units are CSA, RE, RU and ANSI certified, without exception. This means that they meet the security standards required to ensure safe operation, but it also means that they have successfully passed the famous (and terribly demanding) Drop Test.

The Drop Test is an essential step to obtain the mandatory CSA B-354 certification for all self-propelled platforms sold, rented or operated on Canadian territory. It makes it possible to assess the consequences when a unit is placed in an extreme position and its operator is ejected from the basket. “Extreme position” means that the horizontal limit of the equipment is reached based on a weight of 350 pounds and that the stability system has reached its limit. A weight is then hung 3 feet outside the basket and released at the end of a 4-foot safety lanyard. It’s pretty violent as a test, and very impressive. Several competitors’ units have failed to pass this test and their sale is therefore prohibited in Canada. All Easy Lift units have successfully passed the CSA Drop Test.

Can I use the platform in electric mode?

Yes. This is a standard feature. All Easy Lift units are hybrid, and allow you to work in combustion or electric mode. Beware that this neat feature is offered as an option for most of other units on the market. According to the situation and the needs of your customers, you will have all the flexibility to be able to work in the 2 modes, combustion or electric. All our units are equipped with 110V or 208-240V AC electric motors, allowing you to work without polluting emissions.

Are the movements flexible and gentle?

All the units use real live hydraulic levers which will react to the intensity of the movements printed by the operator. Compact and large units are equipped with Penny & Giles basket controls to ensure smooth and proportional transmission of operator movements.

Are your units adapted to harsh winter climates?

Remember, we are in Canada. All our units are tested at UPequip’s head office in Verchères, Quebec, where the temperature variation is from the hottest and wettest in July (82F) to the coldest of February (23F). If our equipment performs under these conditions, it will certainly perform where you work.

We also offer a winter starter kit for Arctic conditions. Do you need a unit in Alaska? We will send you one, and it will work!

What will happen if I push the basket out of its safe limit?

Don’t waste your time, you won’t succeed. Depending on your unit, either the passive or active stability control system will always prevent you from tipping over. The active stability management system uses a simple mechanism accompanied by redundant limit switches that are pre-set and calibrated by our technicians. Despite its awesome simplicity, it is extremely reliable and no, you won’t push your unit over any limit, even if you are very creative. The passive management system is fed with key sensors that knows exactly where you can (and equally importantly where you can’t) go. Simple, safe and impossible to cheat.

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