Our machines keep getting better

Since 2001, we have been continuously developing, perfecting and adapting our equipment and technology to meet market niche and specific demands, as a result of continuous exchange with our customers and manufacturers.

Compact Tracked & Atrium Lifts

Safe, versatile, narrow and light, Easy Lift units are designed to go everywhere you need them to.

Compact Cranes

Redefine your Unit dimension / Lifting capacity ratio with Hoeflon compact cranes

Units for Rent

For all daily / weekly / monthly needs, get any job done with safety and confidence.

Used Units

As active assets of our rental fleet, used units represent an immediate productivity increase at a lower cost.

Crank it UP

SkyRocket 2023!

Start the year with flair!

Make this YOUR year. The year where your competitors will bite your dust!

ISA Southern

Chattanooga - Mar 26-28

81st Annual Conference & Trade Show for the Southern ISA chapter.

Spring Demo Run

March 21 - 25

Fly & Buy and get an additional $1,000 off on top of Skyrocket!

ArborEXPO 2023

Springfield - Mar 30-31

We will be there for the 3rd edition of ArborEXPO in MA. Watch for the C10

The all new 77-40AJ

Reserve your unit now

Tech simplicity of small units plus awesome performance of larger ones

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