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Hoeflon MultiTool

  • -Easy install on main boom of the pre-configured C6 and C10
  • -Updated remote control with multitool joystick
  • -Continuous slewing rotation
  • -Pipe and Beam claw + H-Beam gripper with finest positioning system
  • -Forks with side swing- Transform your crane into a Roto Forklift
  • -Vacuum head received to set panel and glass on walls and ceilings


  • -Fit on C6 / C6e + C10 / C10e
  • -Special remote control all-in-one
  • -Hydraulic/Electric quick attach


  • -Pipe and Beam claw with 2750lbs capacity
  • -H-Beam gripper with 2750lbs capacity
  • -Swing fork with 2200 lbs capacity
  • -Vacuum glass lifter position compatible with S600-S800-S1000

the AMAZING MultiTool-- No jobs will be left behind


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