Reach THEE unreachable!

We challenge Status Quo

UP Equip is specialized in challenging access solutions. It is strongly embedded in our DNA to find a solution for any given access defiance. We are dedicated to provide customers easy, safe and reliable equipment to access hard-to-reach working areas. We strive to be an important part of our customer’s daily success and overall productivity. Welcome to our Simple Inside™  world.

Compact lifts

Built for all your daily work, designed to solve your worst access and safety challenges, indoors and outdoors.

Widest range of models available in North America.

NEW compact lifts
USED compact lifts
RENT a compact lift

Big Booms

HOME - Big Booms

Canadian largest privately held fleet of large self-propelled booms exclusively dedicated to rental houses.

Available for short and long term when your own fleet is out.

RE-RENT a Big Boom

Compact cranes

HOME - Compact crane

Specifically designed for situations where lifting height and available space to manoeuvre do not come to an agreement…

Stay tuned… In a very near future, we will have compact cranes for sale and rental.

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